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WasteNot Bahamas Limited takes the collected green waste to Green Systems, our sister company for processing into a rich nutritious soil (compost). For more information on how to get mulch and rich top-soils please contact Organic compost made from yard waste has beneficial effects on soil properties and plant production. Many studies have shown that organic compost will increase the yield of crops over native soil or other soil amendments such as peat or manure. An appropriate use of organic compost with native soil serves to improve the structural, nutrient and biological properties of soil resulting in long-term substantiality. Research shows the addition of compost to native soils can decrease weeds and other pests, greatly reducing the need for herbicides and pesticides, while raising the nutrients for slow release to plants.

Mulch by Green Systems Bahamas Limited

Colourized mulch made from grinding up discarded, untreated wood shipping pallets comes in red, gold, chocolate brown. Wonderful for giving your garden that beautiful manicured look of a professionally landscaped garden. Mulch also stops weed growth and retains the moisture content of your flower and shrubbery beds, allowing you to water and weed less. WasteNot retails mulch and compost for Green Systems Bahamas either in bulk or bagged. Call to place an order today or visit Green Systems at