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WasteNot Bahamas Limited is happy to provide rentals of metal dumpsters, (sometimes referred to as skips or open top bins), in 3 sizes. These bins are good for construction and demolition debris (only 10 and 20cu.yd. bins), tree cuttings, house cleanups, spring-cleaning and general garbage.

Bin Capacity and Measurements

10 Cubic Yard Dumpsters - 10' X 6' X 8'

20 Cubic Yard Dumpsters - 21' X 4.6' X 8'

30 Cubic Yard Dumpsters - 21' X 7' X 8'

(The 30cu.yd. cannot be used for construction or demolition debris or soil, rocks or fill.)

Alternatively, for smaller jobs you may prefer to rent one or more of our 3 cubic yard Bagsters that are ideal for small construction/demolition projects. These measure 8' x 4' x 2.6'.

Rental Periods

1 day (full 24-hours)

3 day

1 week

1 month

Talk to us about our reduced rates for contracts of over 1 month. All prices include drop off, bin rental and one pick-up. The current government tipping fee of $10.00 per ton is additional to our charges, this is subject to change. We require a refundable $50 deposit for government tipping weigh scale fees.