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Green Waste can be defined as organic waste (anything growing) that originates from the garden. The following materials are all examples of green waste: Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, pruning, flowers, branches, weeds, plants, etc.

What Can We Do?

Ideally we must prevent organic waste from being disposed of in our landfill (Dump) because the conditions within the landfill cause organic waste to decompose "anaerobically" (without the presence of oxygen). This breakdown process generates methane, a potent green house gas that has been linked to climate change and landfill fires. To lesson the effect of this phenomenon we must limit the amount of organic waste sent to the landfill and so limit methane production and landfill fires.

God’s Natural Recycling Method - Compost!

The best way to divert green waste away from the landfill is to turn it into compost. Composting is the ultimate recycling method and is the natural process of decomposition that turns organic matter into a useful product for the garden. Compost is an excellent soil additive, improving soil structure and drainage. It assists root development and enhances plant growth.

What Type Of Green Waste Materials Can I Recycle?

All your garden waste which is grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, pruning, flowers, branches, weeds, plants, etc.

Can I Buy The Compost That Is Made From The Garden Waste?

Yes, all the collected garden waste goes to Green Systems Limited and is composted then bagged and sold in retail and garden stores.

What Should I Use Compost For?

At home or in your backyard farm you can use compost for potting or re-potting, bed or border maintenance, planting, as a surface dressing for all fruit and vegetable growing. Lawns and playing fields also benefit from a layer of compost being applied, many big football teams in the US now use compost to maintain their playing fields.

Where Can I Recycle My Green Waste?

Curb side recycling collections are the most convenient way and Wastenot Limited (rates starting as low as $10 per month Call 361-7510 / 394-8880) collects your bagged green waste on a weekly basis at a very low cost.