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WasteNot Bahamas Limited is a leader in providing integrated waste resource management, recycling and disposal solutions to Bahamians for over 25 years. Our view of waste management focuses on maximizing recycling and waste diversion. We see trash as a resource to be collected and where possible recycled into new, useable products.

Our corporate office is located off Harold Road behind "The Landfill".

Our strength as a company is our commitment to providing innovative solutions to waste management by identifying appropriate services, and implementing them in an economically and ecologically viable manner. Our operation is focused on restoring and preserving our environment by processing waste with a view to the 3 R's of waste management - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

WasteNot Bahamas Limited currently operates 2 collection vehicles, employs 5 people and specializes in the collection of residential, commercial waste as well as collecting and recycling plastic, green waste and aluminum cans.

Through our sister companies, we process and market the recycled material, all small steps towards the redevelopment of solid waste management in The Bahamas. We have partnered with a wide ranging group of individuals and companies, each with a vested interest, either as generators of the feedstock or as consumers of the end product.