(242) 394-8880, (242) 361-7510, (242) 422-0573,, P.O.Box 63973, Nassau, Bahamas


Simply take your cans to one of our collection locations or a participating school or programme of your choice. Funds are used toward updating playground equipment/recreational areas, the purchase of technical equipment, art and book supplies, and environmental clubs. Cans For Kids (raising funds for kids and awareness for recycling through aluminium can recycling) recycles aluminum soda cans, individual juice cans, power drink cans and beer cans only. In order to get the best price for cans they must be empty and free of all contaminants (dirt, cigarette butts, straws, plastics, napkins and stones). It is also preferable that cans are collected in a clear plastic bag.

Once the cans arrive on WasteNot's site they are processed through a densifier. This densifier crushes the cans into 2-foot cubes called briquettes, which are then ready to be shipped to a major aluminum recycler in the United States. Currently, Cans For Kids pays youth programmes and schools $.30/lb. (this varies according to aluminum prices). All funds raised are paid directly back to the school or youth programme. Bars, hotels and restaurants are encouraged to "adopt" a school or youth programme to donate cans to.


NASSAU - Bahamas National Trust (Village Road),

Sandyport Gas Station,

New Providence Community Church (Blake Road),

Charlie's Bar (Bay Street),

Atlantis Marina (between the two bridges),

WasteNot (Harold Road Landfill facility)

ANDROS - Stafford Creek Lodge. If you are willing to provide a collection point or if you know of someone who can, please contact us at: (242) 394-8880 or (242) 342-8514. P.O. Box SS-6203, Nassau, Bahamas.



WasteNot is currently collecting plastics numbers 1, 2 and 5 from NPCC, The New Providence Community Church, on Blake Road. Saint Andrews School on Yamacraw Road. Ardastra Gardens on Chippingham Rd near Arawak Cay.

If your community is interested in participating in recycling plastics, please contact us at:

Tel: (242) 377-0267 or (242) 376-0311 Fax: (242) 394-4276

Email:, Mail: P.O.Box 63973, Nassau, Bahamas

Please encourage your community to sign up!